Prizm Content Connect AJAX image & document viewer

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Accusoft's, Prizm Content Connect AJAX Image document viewer solution works for any OS and browser and can be embedded in any webpage. The toolkit comes with complete SDK and is used by developers to create rich applications and document & image viewing capabilities as a part of their process. There is no software downloads or installs on client machines and image viewer works right within the browser.
Prizm Content Connect image & document viewer is a Zero Footprint viewer and allows loading of more than 300 file formats at high speed and uses the latest AJAX technology. It supports more than 300 file formats and allows viewing of Microsoft Office documents, PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, CAD/CAM, DICOM, PSD and others. The licensing works as per server with no cost for end users and can be used for any application.

As a developer, you can use Prizm Content Connect AJAX Image Viewer & Document Viewer as a part of .net, php, jsp, cold fusion or any other programming language.


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Prizm Content Connect

Prizm Content Connect, a Server Based Document Viewer, uses AJAX and Flash technology to create fast rendering of documents on the fly and includes a unique set of capabilities to render, enrich and dynamically deliver content. On top of this platform, customers and partners have built information access and delivery solutions used by various industries, publishers, government agencies and other large enterprises to accelerate the viewing of documents



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